Wretched Descension is a Genshin Impact fanzine about exploring a darker nature of the characters

Orders Sent


What is the theme of the project?
The theme is centered around exploring a darker nature to each character, what they would be like if they had been corrupted!
.Will gore/nsfw be allowed in this zine?
Due to the nature of the zine, violence will be inevitable, but strict guidelines will be in place to ensure that gore and any explicitly suggestive content will not be allowed. We would like to keep the zine PG-13.
.Will ships be allowed in this zine?
Ships in this zine are strictly prohibited.
.Will characters who are not in the game be featured?
We will only be using characters who are officially released in-game by the time contributor apps take place, as they likely have more story content to work with.
.Is this zine digital or physical?
This zine will be digital.
.Where will the proceeds go?
This is a for-profit zine. The profits will be split among the contributors.
.How will contributors receive payment?
Contributors must have a PayPal account. If a PayPal email isn't available, the contributor will have the option to (a) add it to the contributor pool, or (b) have mods send their share to a charity of their choice.
.What kind of merch will be available?
Wallpapers, icons, printable bookmarks and stickers!
.What are the specs of the zine?
Pages will be 8.5" x 11", RGB


Interest CheckJuly 10-24
Contributor ApplicationsAugust 8 - September 8
Emails SentSeptember 16
Check-In 1October 23
Check-In 2November 14
Check-In 3December 18
Final SubmissionsJanuary 15
Preorders OpenFebruary 14
Preorders CloseMarch 14
Orders SentMay 14


Head, Art Mod

Hi all, I'm Sol, and I'm just your average talkative Albedo main! While I've been a contributor for a few zines in the past, this is my first time modding one. I'm so lucky to be a part of this team, and I'm super excited to see what'll come out of this project!.Past Zine Experiences:
Emptiness Joy - Cover Artist
DICE Zine - Page Artist
Colors of Despair - Page Artist
All Jumbled Up! - Page Artist
Dangan Despair Deluxe - Page Artist

Co-Head, Social Media Mod

Hiya~! I'm Nooty! I write sometimes, and totally useless without deadlines. I scream into the void a lot and cry over Xiao and Albedo..Past Zine Experiences:
Phoenix: From the Ashes/Hellfire - General, Social Media Mod
Dryheat - Social Media Mod
Moeru: Rengoku Kyoujurou - Social Media Mod
Rebuttal Showdown - Beta Mod
Cat Cafe! - Organization Mod
All Jumbled Up! - Social Media Mod
Roll the DICE! - Social Media, Beta Mod

Writing Mod

Hey, I'm Craig and I'm the writing mod for this zine! I've worked on a bunch of Danganronpa zines but this is my first Genshin zine and I'm super excited for it! I main Kaeya and I love Venti, Zhongli, and Albedo :].Past Zine Experiences:
With Passion & Purpose - Head Mod
I Am The MASTERMIND! - Writing Mod
Colors of Despair - Writing, Finance Mod
My Fiction, Our Reality - Writing, Financial Assistant Mod

Graphics Mod

Hi! My name is Jen and I'll be in charge of our graphics for this project. I'm a huge Genshin fan and when I'm not busy thirsting over characters (specifically Kaeya, Albedo, and Zhongli), I'm studying animation for art school! This will be my 3rd zine as a graphics mod and I'm super excited to see some sweet, sweet angst <3.Past Zine Experiences:
Rebuttal Showdown - Graphics Mod
Roll the DICE - Graphics Mod



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